Transport & Travel

For our Scottish Realitives and Friends we understand that some of you will be getting the boat, and some will be getting flights. For those of you getting the boat and bringing cars, thats great! But just incase you don't know you can convert tesco clubcard points into vouchers to pay for the boat! 

For those of you getting flights, there will be plenty of people with their cars (including Ben!) and we will be able to collect people from airports. The hotel is equal distance from both the International (Easyjet) and the City (Flybe) airport so when people are looking at flights just get whatever option works best for you. 

We know some people are planning to stay in Belfast and do some sight seeing after the wedding, hopefully there will be enough cars to get people into Belfast, and from the centre there a buses that run to and from the airports.

Depending on how many people are planning to stay and how many people need transport to Belfast, we may put on a bus from the Hotel on the Saturday to the centre of Belfast. 

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No need to spend a fortune on taxis! Let us know when your flights are booked and we will get transport sorted.


There is no direct bus to the Tullyglass House Hotel, so just let us know when you are arriving and we can get Transport sorted. 


We have looked at Easyjet, and currently there are two flights in the evening, there will probably be other times released closer to the wedding so you don't have to book just yet. When it comes to doing car transfers the earlier evening flight would be best as it means Ben and his Bestmen will be able to enjoy a few drinks at the bar (haha)

If you travel over on the Friday morning, there will be no one available to help with transport from the airport. Due to the fact I will be getting ready and Ben will be downing the whiskey!

When you book your flights for the wedding can you please let us know so we can get an idea of when people are getting in so we can get transport arranged.